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GEAR UP for Online Graduate Studies

The GEAR UP for Online Graduate Studies program has been designed to give participants an opportunity to engage in some review and reflection in preparation for commencing a graduate level course of study. Whether you are returning to academic study after some years away, or just want a little extra preparation, GEAR UP can help put you on track for success.

The information contained in the program is based on research into both mature learners’ needs and best practices for improved learning in online environments. It also draws on the expertise of our learning support professionals who have many years of experience working with students to help them improve their critical thinking and academic writing skills.

The GEAR UP program includes six modules to help you prepare for graduate level academic work. Each module will help you practice and enhance your academic skills to support your success in online graduate courses:

Module 1: Expectations and Personal Assets

This module introduces you to the expectations for graduate students, goal setting, and recognizing personal assets to support success.

Module 2: Balancing School-Work-Life Commitments

You will be engaged in understanding life-role conflicts and stress management, and practice skills for time management.

Module 3: Engaging with the Learning Materials: Readings, Lectures, and Beyond

This module focuses on increasing your awareness of strategies for successful online learning including reading techniques, note taking, and review for test preparation.

Module 4: Research Skills

You will hone your academic research skills and learn strategies for engaging in inquiry by focusing a research question, understanding the role of different types of sources in the research process, and knowing how to find and evaluate sources.

Module 5: Engaging with Professors and Peers

This module focuses on the value of connections with peers and professors, including skills on crafting effective discussion posts and engaging in productive group work.

Module 6: Academic Writing at the Graduate Level

You will develop your understanding of expectations for graduate students’ engagement in academic communication including organizing ideas in an essay, integrating sources with integrity, and using APA documentation style for citation.


Payment can be made with credit card. For alternative payment methods, please contact

Cancellation and Refund Information

If for some reason you are unable to complete your program within the allotted time, we would be happy to extend your registration. Please contact to make arrangements. If a refund is requested and you have not accessed the course, a $25 admin fee will apply. Courses cannot be refunded after you have accessed D2L.

Price: $95.00

Item Category Price
GEAR UP For Graduate Studies - Current and Incoming Laurier Students GEAR UP For Online Graduate Studies $95.00
GEAR UP For Graduate Studies - Non-Laurier Students GEAR UP For Online Graduate Studies $95.00